Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Positioning analysis
  • Identification of goals and objectives
  • Definition of brand personality
  • Content Proposal
  • Concept  of communication 
  • Marketing actions
  • Process execution and plan control.

Image brand in digital media

  • Website administration
  • Content publication
  • Management of interactions in social networks
  • Results management reports
  • Purchase of Digital Advertising
  • Hiring of influencers

Digital media content

  • Content for Websites
  • Content grids
  • Infographics
  • Photography
  • Video

Video Marketing

Video marketing is nothing more than to incorporate video into your marketing campaigns to promote the sale of your product or services. Videos of live events with testimonials are increasingly popular when it comes to companies to exploit the media in their marketing efforts.

Web Development

  • Design and programming of websites
  • Design and programming of Application
  • Design and programming of web tools

BTL: Below The Line Marketing

  • Creation, design and development of strategies and concepts.
  • Booking of talent.
  • Pre-production (planning, leasing, contracting suppliers, etc.)
  • Call (summons), Media and Marketing Plan.
  • Press and Public Relations.
  • Production, setting, planning and execution.

How we do it?

1- We design the STRATEGY

Identify opportunities in order to achieve the desired brand positioning with the target audience.

We first diagnose the current branding positioning on the web and in social media; then we analyze: Strengths, Weaknesses and Threats for each of them.

From this analysis, the development and publication strategy of appropriate content is clear.

2- We create CONTENT

Based on the opportunities identified in the strategy ...

We generate concepts for integrating text, images and videos in order to achieve the goal of impact, excite and surprise the target audience.

3- We manage the BRAND'S image

Once the content is created, we publish it in all media networks with certain frequency.

We analyze the results based on the established goals, based on the number of user interactions (visits, visitors, fans, likes, twitts, re-twitts, etc.) and the necessary adjustments are made to achieve the goals.

Our main goal is to create and publish the right content, at the right time to the right audience.

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